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Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the venue hosts some of the most prestigious and sought after hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants in the city. Just 5 minutes "walk from Osgoode Station, this downtown Toronto hotel features a full-service restaurant and bar with stunning views of the downtown Toronto skyline. Located just blocks from the Rogers Centre, Canada's largest football stadium, the hotel offers a variety of function rooms and guest rooms with stadium views. Canadian theatre, where the work is always followed by a play or concert at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

FRHI's iconic and often historic properties include hotels in New York, London, Paris, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. One brand that Canadians may be better acquainted with is Novotel, which operates 414 hotels in 61 countries.

The company was formed from two hotel companies founded in the late 19th century, Raffles Hotels and Resorts and Canadian Pacific Limited, owned by the Canadian National Railway Company (CNC) and its parent company, Canada Pacific Corporation. The three lines together have iconic locations that can be seen, including hotels in New York, London, Paris, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. In 1995, the company bought the Copley Plaza Hotel and renamed it Fairmont. In 1995, it took over the management of the Plaza Hotel in New York. In 2000, it merged with Raffle Hot Hotels and Swissotel to form Fairmon and Raffles Hotel International (FRHI), with all four chains still trading under their own names.

Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Accor North America operates more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the United States and Canada, including hotels in New York, London, Paris, New Jersey, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, as well as a number of resorts.

Accor Hotels is positioned as a global and powerful brand that offers its customers and partners innovative, high-quality services. St. Heather remains part of the Rooms Division team that has influenced Accor's ability to score as the best hotel in Toronto. She is the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Hotel Operations and Operations of the Toronto Canada Hotel Group.

The company operates the Colony Square Hotel in Atlanta as the Fairmont Colony Square Hotel, and the CP Hotels Collection has included hotels in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, as well as in the United States, since the 1980s.

Canadian Pacific Hotels acquired a majority stake in Fairmont Hot Hotels in 1999 and renamed it Fairmont Hotel Resorts in 2001. All hotels, including the Colony Square Hotel in Atlanta, are now owned by Fair Monts, a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific.

AccorHotels has expanded its portfolio of over 4,000 hotels worldwide, including existing luxury offerings, making it easier than ever to integrate hotel logos with BrandCrowds Logo Maker. Since the acquisition of Fairmont Raffles Hotels in Toronto, Accor Hotels has expanded its global portfolio to more than 4,000 hotels worldwide, including new and existing luxury hotels and those that are easy to make with the brand logo. Since purchasing the Fairmont Raffle Hotel in Toronto, accorhotels has expanded its global list of hotels to fewer than 2,500 properties, including new or existing luxury hotels and hotels with the Made to Be easy tobe logo.

Van Horne's approach has been copied around the world and builds on the success of the Fairmont Raffle Hotel in Toronto and other AccorHotels hotels around the world.

Novotel Toronto Centre offers spacious, modern rooms within walking distance of Scotiabank Arena. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, a short walk from downtown, the 285-room Bond Place Hotel offers luxurious amenities including a restaurant, bar and fitness center.

Novotel Toronto North York is within walking distance of a number of attractions, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Royal Ontario Museum and Ontario Performing Arts Centre. CFBs in the heart of downtown Toronto, a short walk from downtown and a few blocks from Scotiabank Arena.

If you want to be close to the vibrant city of Southbank, Waterloo Blackfriars Hotel is just a few blocks from the Royal Ontario Museum and Ontario Performing Arts Centre.

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